Damar works with businesses across a range of industry sectors - there's every chance that we are already working with an employer that would suit you.

Ellie Taylor | Trainer

We work with organisations in a wide range of sectors, including the public sector and charities. This is because every organisation has people in jobs where customer service, administrative and management skills are important. So, if you are interested in working with people in an office or customer service environment the chances are that we will have an apprenticeship vacancy or a qualification that is right for you.

Wherever you work, we will individualise your qualification to match your needs and those of your employer. As a result, the combination of units that you complete will be different from our other apprentices doing the same qualification. Also, the way in which we assess how well you are doing will vary depending on your job.

In some sectors though we have built up particular expertise. Here we are designing and delivering specialist qualifications and have developed a strong understanding of that sector's needs. We have trainers who have spent time working in businesses in these sectors as well as substantial experience of delivering apprenticeships. To find out more about our specialisms, please follow the links below.

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